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April 2018 The Probe Newsletter
We present below facts about companies in India that are based on Probe analysis and estimates. This analysis is as of early April, 2018

Universe of Registered Companies

Universe of Registered Companies

  • Currently, there are 1,118,623 active companies in India, out of 1,838,627 companies ever registered.
  • Madhya Pradesh had 21,850 active companies, of which 2,358 companies were registered in FY 2018.
  • 20.5% of active companies in India were incorporated after CY 2015.
  • The chart does not include LLPs.

Probe New Company and LLP Incorporation Index

  • The Probe New Company and LLP Incorporation (PNCLI) Index was created using Dec 2000 as the base year, with 31,512 new companies and LLPs registered during the base year.
  • In Mar 2018, index value stood at 447 with a total of 141,002 new companies and LLPs incorporated in FY 2018.
  • In the last quarter of FY 2018, 36,454 new companies and LLPs were incorporated.
  • New company incorporation in Mar 2018 witnessed 50.3% growth as compared to Feb 2018.

New Company Incorporations

  • In Mar 2018, 12,039 companies were registered in India.
  • Among newly registered companies, 11,795 companies are private and 244 are public.
  • In Mar 2018, new OPC company registration saw a growth of 38.4% per month.
  • 10.3% of new companies registered in Mar 2018 had paid up capital Rs 10 lakh or more.

New Company Incorporations: State-wise Data

  • In Mar 2018, Karnataka stood third with 1,136 incorporations, of which 82.5% companies were based in Bengaluru.
  • 1,111 new companies were registered at RoC Kanpur, of which 812 companies had paid up capital of Rs 1 lakh or less.
  • In Tamil Nadu, 885 new companies were incorporated in Mar 2018, constituting 7.4% of all the companies incorporated in India.

New LLP Incorporations

  • In Mar 2018, 2,019 LLPs were formed in India.
  • With 261 LLPs, the manufacturing sector registered 12.9% of all LLPs in the month.
  • A total of 297 LLPs were registered at RoC Kolkata, amounting to 14.7% of total LLPs formed during the month.
  • 242 LLPs were registered in Delhi in Mar 2018, accounting for 12% of all incorporated LLPs.

Nationwide Spread

  • There were 1,118,623 companies active in India as of Mar 2018.
  • 15.1% of active companies in Maharashtra were registered in Pune city.
  • As of Mar 2018, 6,812 companies were listed in India, of which 12.7% companies were registered in Delhi.
  • Telangana had 54,660 active companies, which constituted 4.9% of all active companies in India.

Statewide Spread

    • Currently, there are 29,896 active companies in Haryana.
    • Gurgaon has 13,699 active companies, which account for 45.8% of all the active companies in Haryana.

With 4,880 active companies, Faridabad stands second in number of active companies.
617 active companies in Haryana have paid-up capital of Rs 10 Cr or more.

For more in-depth analysis for other states please reach out to Probe

Paid Up Capital

  • 34,400 active companies in India have paid up capital between Rs 2Cr to Rs 5 Cr.
  • As of Mar 2018, 1,978 active companies in Mumbai had paid up capital of more than Rs 25 Cr.
  • 113,983 active companies that had paid up capital between Rs 5 lakh to Rs 15 lakh, accounted 10.2% of the total number of active companies in India.

Directorship Overview

  • There were 2,099,053 active directors in India as of Mar 2018.
  • As of Mar 2018, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh collectively had 68,334 active directors.
  • Currently, there are 83,215 active foreign directors in India.

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