From RoC Search Reports to Company Valuations: How Company Secretaries Can Leverage Probe42

May 17, 2023 / Probe Research

“Why does it take so much time to prepare an RoC search report?”

“Is there an easy way to monitor companies where I provide Secretarial services?”

“Can I access and evaluate a company’s detailed legal history at a glance?”

As a Company secretary, these are some questions that might arise on a daily basis. If these resonate with you, discover how Probe42 can increase process efficiency, and reduce turnaround time.


Key Tasks

One of the most time-consuming tasks for company secretaries is preparing an RoC search report. With Probe42, this can be done at the click of a button, reducing the time and cost required to do a search report.

Key tasks such as Valuation, transfer pricing, NCLT & high court cases, business development, insolvency, and monitoring & consulting, are all possible on a single platform.

Valuation is made easier with peer comparison, securities allotment, and financials on unlisted companies. Transfer pricing is streamlined with instant access to the financials of all private companies and standardized formats that are widely used by banks and acknowledged by the RBI.

Improve Business development with lead generation from newly incorporated companies and LLPs, identifying companies due for auditor rotation, and tracking auditor details, their clients, and remuneration.

Access the detailed legal history of a company with a detailed summary of  NCLT & high court cases, including arbitration matters, corporate disputes, civil cases, criminal appeals, enforcement of orders, and taxation matters.


Insolvency proceedings of corporates can be overseen, cases filed by/against corporates can be explored, and preferential transaction audits can be conducted with Probe42.

Lastly, monitoring companies where you provide compliance services, assessing the compliance and financial risk of key customers & client suppliers, and 3rd party validation of information provided can all be done with Probe42.


About Probe42

  • Probe42 is an independent information services company that specializes in offering financial information on unlisted Indian companies.
  • Our platform has been widely utilized by banks and corporations to aid key processes like business development, credit analysis, KYC and competitor analysis.
  • Access over 28 Lakh companies, with 500+ Data points on each company, curated from 746 verified data sources on the Probe42 platform.

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