The Probe Newsletter December 2020

December 18, 2020 / Probe Research

Universe of Registered Companies

  • As of Nov-20, there are 22,03,735 companies registered in India out of which 12,93,006 companies are active.
  • Currently, there are 24,051 active companies in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • 19.7% of total active companies were incorporated after CY2018.
  • The chart does not include LLPs.

Company Classification

  • Presently, there are 11,62,689 private ltd companies in India.
  • 741 companies are incorporated under the guarantee & association.
  • There are 2,002 government company in India.

Probe New Company and LLP Incorporations Index

  • The Probe New Company and LLP Incorporations (PNCLI) Index was constructed using Dec-00 as the base year.
  • In Nov-20, index value stood at 561 with 139,784 companies and 36,886 LLP registered in the last 12 months.
  • In the last 6 months, 90,631 companies were incorporated in India.

New Company Incorporations

  • In Nov-20, 13,453 companies were registered out of which 13,154 were private and 299 were public.
  • 768 OPC (One Person Company) were incorporated in India in Nov-20.
  • During the month of Nov-20, 1,622 companies were incorporated under the trading business.

Company Incorporations – State-wise data

  • 628 companies were incorporated in the state of Haryana in Nov-20.
  • In Nov-20, 477 companies were registered under the finance business.
  • In RoC Ahmedabad, 645 companies were registered in Nov-20.

LLP Incorporations State-wise data

  • During the month of Nov-20, 3,793 LLPs were incorporated in India.
  • New LLP registration witnessed decline by 22.5% when compare to Oct-20.
  • Gujarat with 428 registration stood at 2nd position in terms of LLP registration in Nov-20.

Nationwide Spread

  • Till Nov-20, there are 1,29,687 active companies in West Bengal which constituted 10.0% of total active companies.
  • 69,580 companies are active in Gujarat state.
  • As of Nov-20, 6,813 companies are listed in India.

Statewide Spread – Uttar Pradesh

  • As of Nov-20, there are 89,861 active companies in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Noida has 13,559 active companies which accounted 15.1% of the total active companies in the state.
  • 260 companies the Uttar Pradesh has paid up capital of more than Rs 2 cr.

Paid Up Capital

  • Currently, there are 6,85,367 active companies with upto Rs 1 lac paid up capital.
  • Mumbai has 2,313 companies with paid up capital more than Rs 2 cr.
  • 9.0% active companies have paid up capital between Rs 15-50 lac.

Directorship Overview

  • Currently, there are 22,56,126 active directors in India.
  • Till Nov-20. There are 62,101 active foreign directors in India.
  • There are 1,50,498 active directors in the state of Karnataka.