The Probe Newsletter November 2020

November 16, 2020 / Probe Research

Universe of Registered Companies

  • Till Oct-20, there are 21,89,385 companies incorporated out of which 12,80,520 companies are active.
  • As of Oct-20, 70,809 companies were active in Telangana state.
  • 42.6% of total active companies were registered after CY2015.
  • The chart does not include LLPs.

Company Classification

  • Currently, there are 60,574 public ltd companies in India.
  • As of Oct-20, there are 32,857 OPCs in India.
  • There are 11,010 foreign companies in India.

Probe New Company and LLP Incorporations Index

  • The Probe New Company and LLP Incorporations (PNCLI) Index was constructed using Dec-00 as the base year.
  • In Oct-20, index value stood at 548 with 1,36,938 companies and 35,638 LLP incorporated in the last 12 months.
  • 82,100 LLPs were incorporated in the last 6 months.

New Company Incorporations

  • During the month of Oct-20, there are 16,707 company registration out of which 16,323 were private and 384 were public.
  • 3,739 companies were incorporated under the manufacturing business in the month.
  • In Oct-20, 795 companies incorporated in RoC Chennai.

Company Incorporations – State-wise data

  • During the month of Oct-20, Karnataka stood at the 4th position with 1,262 companies registered in the state.
  • In the month of Oct-20, 536 companies registered in the education business.
  • 13,323 companies were incorporated with the paid up capital of up to Rs 1 lac.

LLP Incorporations State-wise data

  • In Oct-20, there are 4,895 LLPs registration in India.
  • There are 215 LLP registration in the state of Tamil Nadu in Oct-20.
  • During the month of Oct-20, 466 LLP registered in Gujarat state which constituted 9.5% of total LLP registered in the month.

Nationwide Spread

  • Uttar Pradesh stood at the 4th position with 88,634 active companies which accounted 6.9% of total active companies.
  • As of Oct-20, 41,064 active companies incorporat ed in the Rajasthan state out of which 20,752 companies are registered in Jaipur.
  • Till Oct-20, there are 8,764 active companies in the Assam state.

Statewide Spread – Maharashtra

  • Till Oct-20, there are 2,49,304 active companies in the state.
  • In Maharashtra capital – Mumbai there are 1,31,984 active companies which constituted 52.9 % of total companies in the state.
  • There are 1,848 listed companies in Maharashtra.

Paid Up Capital

  • As of Nov-20, there are 1,79,779 active
    companies between Rs 1 – 5 lac.
  • Delhi has 1,15,609 active companies with paid up capital of up to Rs 1 lac.
  • Currently, there are 22,561 companies with more than Rs 10 cr paid up capital.

Directorship Overview

  • Presently, there are 22,12,988 active directors in India.
  • As of Oct 20, there are 61,351 active foreign directors.
  • In Gujarat there are 1,44,765 active director which constituted 6.5% of total active director.